4 CVS Job Tips for Quick Success

The first step in trying to land a CVS job is obviously to submit an application on their main web site even though it’s possible to apply in person depending on the way the CVS human resources department handles applications in your area. Either way, the way you proceed in figuring out what your hopes and dreams are largely will determine how far you can go with the many CVS job opportunities at your disposal. In other words, if you find a local job with them as an entry level worker you can set your sights on many different avenues they have to offer.

Here’s a way to turn your CVS job into the career of your dreams in the shortest time possible:

1. Make a memorable first impression. Once you are hired and you report to your store manager for your first day of work, make your first impression count and stand out by being friendly, cheerful, and positive. You may not know this, but a manager can make or break you in this industry. It is in your best interest regardless of what you think about management to not only get along with them, but to do everything possible to help them make the store be successful.

CVS job search success starts with having a positive mindset.2. Plant a seed for CVS job advancement within the company. Once you are settled in, let your supervisor know you are hoping to advance within the company by landing one of the CVS pharmacy job openings and give them an approximate timetable for your goals. Don’t be shy in striking up an occasional conversation with your manager; they are not necessarily super-busy all the time and many like their employees to ask questions regarding the betterment or advancement within the store. They need to see you as someone who is dependable and can help them get to the highest level of service.

3. Don’t be afraid to jump into training offered by CVS. You can get tuition reimbursement upon your date of hire if you are a full-time employee when you work a CVS job and you would be a fool not to take advantage of this if furthering your education is the path you choose. You will receive reimbursement for up to 1,000 dollars every year for any job-related courses. Also, they offer internship programs where you can earn plenty of experience in the field of pharmacy retail.

4. Maintain a positive attitude. Believe it or not, this is where many people hoping to parlay their CVS employment applications into success will ultimately fail; because of their mouths! It happens in all walks of life where someone says something negative about something or somebody and the word soon spreads, and the next thing you know people have lost respect for you. The cardinal rule applies here; don’t say anything negative about anything or any one. Many mothers have always taught their children that if they don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it. Speaking negatively can really hurt your chance at getting promoted at a CVS job.

Here is the link to the Official CVS Online Application!

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