I Hate My Job – What Should I Do?

Especially if you’re a new employee, one of the worst things you can do is let everybody know how discontent you are with your present position. If you really do hate your job your first instinct is to let other people know but you must resist doing this.

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Some people actually use Twitter and Facebook to sound off about their employer as well as the personnel working there. This is a huge mistake because many employers are constantly on Facebook and Twitter and can easily spot a disgruntled employee from a mile away. This comes down to one thing; you just got hired and you shouldn’t let on that you’re unhappy until you can find another job. It won’t do you any good if you’re unemployed for another few months when you could have “toughed it out” until you got a position somewhere else.

There are so many different reasons why people end up saying they hate their job and the fact is; it can happen to anyone. It could be that it wasn’t the position or career you expected, it could be that you have jerks running the company, or it could be something as simple as you’re tired of the industry itself. If you
really can’t make it work then it’s time to find another job, however, sometimes people who really don’t like their job at all find that they can adapt and somehow make the best of it to the point where they actually start liking their job.

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If you are extremely unhappy at your position and you feel your job poses a danger or threat to you or someone else because you are having some type of conflict with a person, then by all means it’s time to go. But if you can hang in there and look for another job while you are able to collect a paycheck and pay the bills and continue on with your finances, you can easily start searching for a job at the same time. Just don’t let anybody know that you’re looking for another avenue.

To start putting the word out that you’re looking for another job you’re going to have it have to take a different approach than the norm. Using Twitter and Facebook as well as LinkedIn to put out the word that you’re looking for a different position with a different company will probably expose you within a relatively short time at work. So what you want to do is talk privately with your friends let them know what your intentions are, and to quietly use job search engines that can help you find local job openings.

From experience, I can tell you that I have not been completely happy with every single aspect of every job that I have ever worked. However, I really believe that if you go in with a positive mindset to whatever job you’re offered, you will minimize the chances of hating your job. When you do leave your job for, don’t burn any bridges. Companies check references and the last thing you want to do is to provide negative information about another company and place doubt in your next employer’s mind.

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