Is CVS Hiring In Your Area?

A question that pops up all the time over the Internet asks the question, “Is CVS hiring?” meaning they are asking if CVS is taking applications in peoples’ immediate area. The obvious answer to this question is the one you probably already know, especially if you have been reading a few of the articles contained in this web site. Although most of us know the only way to find out is to visit the stores of our choice in person, few of us fail to realize this by actually visiting them for a variety of reasons but I assure you it’s a necessary step if you are serious about a job at CVS. See why it’s important to follow up on your application.

Confirm it Yourself and Apply With a CVS Job Application Online

The only way to stop asking yourself “Is CVS hiring in your particular area?” is to take the time to visit each store in your order of importance, so:

Here is the answer to is CVS hiring.

  • Dress yourself up as if you were going to meet someone important but don’t overdress such as wearing a suit and tie fi you are looking for an entry-level job. Try to give the manager on duty the impression you normally dress decent, so casual clothing is ok as long as you have neatly pressed clothes and close-toed shoes (for females). If you neglect this part while searching for your answer, believe me, the management staff will remember your visit once it gets to the interview stage.
  • Don’t get frustrated if you find the answer to Is CVS hiring an absolute “no” in your area where they are currently not hiring or even accepting applications. This would be the perfect opportunity to give the manager a business card with your cell phone and email in case they need a quality employee with a future in pharmacy retail like you. You get the picture? This means for every store that says “no” you need to leave a nice trail. You never know when someone will quit their CVS career and open up a door for the next person.


Networking brings opportunity and opens up doors like you wouldn’t believe. There are many articles littered all over the Web on this subject and it’s certainly a topic worthy enough to bring you some information as it relates to employment at CVS, so look for it in the future. In the meantime put the question to rest and go for it by getting out there and grabbing what’s yours. Put yourself in a position where you don’t have to ask yourself, “Is CVS hiring,” and you’ll undoubtedly feel better about your chances at getting hired.

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