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What a CVS Career Can Do For You

A CVS career may not be the ultimate choice for some people who are hoping to join the retail world but for many, it has absolutely changed their lives for the better as they move forward with their respective careers.  The only other pharmacy retail job application that even comes close to being as important as this one is the Walgreens application and even then, it is not as promising as one of the many careers at CVS although that is just a personal opinion.  Both companies have similar benefits packages that are vey competitive in the retail business and the truth is you can’t go wrong with choosing either one but CVS has proven itself over the last few years to be America’s favorite choice in retail pharmacy.

If you are looking for stability, then a CVS career fits the bill perfectly. This company has been on an impressive, steady incline for many years now and it shows no signs of stopping that trend.  With over 80,000 employees in the US and yearly revenue totalling over 55 billion dollars it’s no wonder a career here remains one of the most stable jobs anyone can have.

It's time to take your CVS career as far as you want to go.

Whether you choose one of the CVS pharmacy careers or simply one as an entry-level worker, you will find the working atmosphere extremely pleasant due to their mission statement which expects all employees to treat customers with the utmost courtesy and respect so that they come away feeling as if it were the best experience they could possibly have at a retail pharmacy.  Not only that, when you apply to CVS you can expect to be surrounded by workers who are just as nice and personable as you, and they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they get the job done right.

More than anything, a CVS career allows you to realize your goals and aspirations if you choose to try to move up within the ranks of the company.  They will help you achieve your goals through their education reimbursement and internship and resident program, and they stress continued professional training and development as it not only benefits you, but the company goals as well.  I can’t think of anything more important than the chance at continuing some one’s education to help them advance in their careers and you would be wise to take advantage of the opportunity, but it’s obviously not a requirement. In fact, there are many folks who are happy just working an in-store customer service job, so that is also an option.

It is so important to be happy where you work and a CVS career gives you a chance at putting a smile on your face with long-lasting employment that you can be very proud of.

How to Advance Your CVS Career

Once you get hired at the entry-level for a CVS career you may want to set your sights on advancing through the system so that you can enjoy the fruits of being a store manager and beyond.

Remember, CVS offers more than just what’s on the surface when it comes to entry-level positions. So, how do you play your cards right so that you can let the company know what your intentions are?

If you want to move up fast within the company it all starts with your work ethic. Do you show up regularly to work on time? Are you someone to be counted on whenever there’s a problem within the store? Do you get along with your peers and coworkers? Do you provide the absolute best customer service to everyone who walks through those doors?

You’re going to have to put yourself in a place where you can answer yes to every single one of those questions. That’s the first thing. Next, while you’re working there and proving how valuable you are to the company, at some point you need to speak to the store manager and let him or her know what your intentions are. Sometimes, we are all the worst salespeople in the world when it comes to selling ourselves. You have to be able to convey the simple message about how well you are working within the company and how you are performing at a very high level.

Think about it. Let’s say there are two employees who are stocking shelves in your local CVS. You are one of them and your friend is the other. Let’s also say that your friend does not like talking to management and keeps to himself or herself. You, on the other hand, regularly talk to management and occasionally will you let them know that you are doing a magnificent job and you are ready for more challenges. In the end, who do you really think we’ll get the promotion?

If you work hard, treat the customers right, are loyal to your company, and you can get along well with everyone, is that really enough to help you advance in your career? The answer is; it is enough, so you should go and start selling yourself and advance through the system. It will not happen unless you make it happen with your communication to management and beyond.

People who are preparing themselves for CVS career don’t have to make it so difficult by not being prepared to go through the process. Some folks get really nervous when they apply online for any job but in reality, it’s super simple to prepare for a CVS career.

The first thing you should do is conduct some research of your own by visiting the CVS official website. Look over the careers available and look over the benefits. The wonderful thing about their official website is and it’s all laid out perfectly clear for anybody to visit them and see exactly what they need. To get ready to apply for jobs in CVS one of things you should do is figure out how you will approach them; will you visit the store of your liking in person and ask to speak to a human resources person or a store manager, or are you simply going to fill the application online and hope for the best through a call back to schedule an interview.

I believe it’s better to visit them in person and try to make some type of connection although some people have had much success while applying online and getting a call back for an interview rather promptly. Still, when you are trying to land one of the jobs in CVS you run the risk of not being able to get a call back from the company because they have so many people applying for the same job that you are applying for, and it makes it difficult for them to weed through the applications. Basically every single company in the retail business is going through the same thing; there are far more applicants for every job opening these days.

For a CVS career, you need a little bit of preparation.

As you continue preparing yourself for jobs in CVS, contact all your family members and friends and put the word out and the feelers out there that you’re trying to get a job there. Conduct yourself properly whenever you’re out of the house and out and about; you never know who you are going to run into. I remember years ago I felt like I got caught with my parents down when I left the house in some raggedy shorts and flip-flops with my hair uncombed and my best friend visited the McDonald’s where he used to work and introduced me to the management staff there.

I’ve always wondered if my appearance prevented me from getting a job at the time. I did look pretty bad that day and when we went to McDonald’s that day my intention was not to get hired. I was just hanging out with my friend and the next thing you know he said something nice about me to the staff in case I wanted to work at McDonald’s and I could tell they were not impressed. I applied two weeks later and didn’t get the job. Heck, I didn’t even get called for an interview!

First impressions make all the difference in the world. Take the time to look at your wardrobe and figure out what you’re going to wear when you make your first contact for one of the jobs in CVS. Whether you will be making contact with them before you fill out an application or after applying online and getting a call back, first impressions are so important; I can’t stress enough if you don’t look the part at first sight you may have lost your chance of getting a job at CVS.

One of the most important things you can do in preparation for a jobs in CVS is to speak with anybody that you know who has already been hired there. It’s so important to get an insider’s view and perspective of how the hiring process really works. I really believe that getting hired at CVS is kind of like hitting a
grand slam with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth in the seventh game to win the World Series. Jobs in CVS can open up a whole new world for anybody willing to take the chance.

Does CVS Conduct Drug Testing Before They Hire You?

CVS does require you to submit to a drug screening during the final stages of the hiring process. If you have a medical prescription you should inform the drug screener when asked so it doesn’t throw up any red flags when the results come back.